August 27, 2016 . 2 min read
This is a slice from a fragment of a fragment from a broken piece…..

(Photo: Aàdesokan, Incongruous, 2016)

The trick to love is letting go but this is not a love thing

‘’I do not try to own you. These are emotions; sensual and physical that I crave to share with you’’.

Falling in love is crazy. It releases you, the mix of good-bad, calm and turbulence.

What about being in love? This is not a love thing.

To aloneness, with aloneness. For you.

You find emotions and attractions always

You get what you need. The urge to stay faithful. The urge to be who you are.

When you try to stay on the surface of water, you sink; when you try to sink, you float.

Be you. Do not be by circumstance. Own your existence, make sure that at each moment your choices are for you.

There is only one perfection and we are not. The flaws existing do not excuse excuses

To each, you are not everything.

There is lust and there is love. Again your choice.

Do you think you love or do you feel you love? This is not a love thing

For lust and infatuation do not suggest love, do not test love.

They just are, as love is.

Order and self-control exists as mirage to chaos,

This chaos can be anything it is chosen to be. Remember, choices

There are no rules to existing, there are no risks.  All that exist is to be.

Fear, worry and anger comes when you are not being.

Rage burns with love.

Whatever you do, do for you.

It’s wonderful, just wonderful

Now I feel like togetherness.

‘’A man who explains himself and a woman who is herself, these two things are priceless. This is not love. Love is more than this. Today, it is not the water body I looked towards, I observed the sun rise on the horizon and then the swamp began to illuminate in the corner of my eye; with constant introspection of myself, I have always evaluated my stance, my decisions and the choices I make. Love that is true and real creates a respite from death, all cowardice comes from not loving or not loving well which are one and the same thing.

This is a lesson on how to be present. There is an immense bounty in this experience. Did you achieve anything at all? You are here, where only you can be. You are you. This is beautiful’’

–  June,  2016

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