*1994 Lagos, Nigeria

Aàdesokan creates for revelation, to incite change, any form of it on a supraliminal level. He interrogates the mind: his own mind and its endless perceptions having been exposed to various psychoanalytic methodologies by his psychologist father at an early age.

His works usually stem from ceaseless inquisitions realized through research whilst leveraging his background education as an engineer formulating balanced compositions of art, photography, and literature that enshrine all his thoughts and inquiries.

Although his expressions are eclectic, they are centered around the discourse of philosophy, analytical psychology and theology which reflects a dedicated focus on existentialism, social constructionism, mental health and various perceptions concerning them.

current research

”Waste. Plastic Waste, the future would look back on this era and one of the things we would be remembered by is plastic, the entirety of it. But we are here now, plastics and their journey can be used to explore movement, the migration of plastic and people, the alarming displacement that is normalized. I would explore various forms of inquisitions, through endless ratiocination to find answers...in process”.