Aàdesokan at the opening of the solo exhibition  ‘Aàdesokan: Almost Delirium’  at 16/16
(Photo: Iju Asonibe)
Every type of fear is simply just an iteration of fear of the unknown. The cycle of life however, points to the inevitability of this unknown- at any point in time, we simply cannot know, try as hard as we might. Aàdesokan’s artistic practice and his most recent body of work was born out of an effort to engage in dialogue with himself and his mind’s selfish need to project itself outward onto paper.  

Aàdesokan is a self-proclaimed esoteric abstract artist. Esoteric because his expression deals with delving into the complexities of the human mind and psyche, mainly his own.  This need for esotericism is born from the fact that from an early age he spent a lot of time looking at patterns of uncertainty in life- the fact that there is no self that is encompassing of a person and there are only multiple selves that embody the self at a particular point in time. The self, therefore, continues to change in a never-ending cycle of uncertainty.

He has always had a deeply analytical and introspective mind- perhaps a consequence of having a psychologist as a father. His analytical mind is belied by an experimental work process which is highly intuitive. His works are reflective of his emotions at a given time and he is often unaware of where his subject matter will end up when he begins to create.  

TUSHAR HATHIRAMANI, Creative Director, 16/16


 Fordili: A Cenotaphic Allusion To Cognition 
16/16, Lagos, Nigeria


Aàdesokan: Flowers for the Soul
TBA, Lagos, Nigeria


Aàdesokan (b. 1994, Lagos, Nigeria) is an esoteric abstract artist, his expressions are eclectic but are centered around discourse of philosophy, analytical psychology and theology with the strong intent of showing the fusion of emotions transcended between forms of art and then brought forth towards abstract expressionism from a vast subconscious.

“To induce sublime emotional responses when my art is viewed, to put the viewer on my train of thoughts, emotions and feelings heading towards a destination of their choice is the response I aim to achieve from creating abstract expressions. We all have the same subconscious, this is the paramount reason we experience the same emotions, although we express our feelings differently which is why the train belongs to me and choice of destination does not.”
Purple Flowers (et fleurs violettes) , 2015
Tempera on Gazette
8.00 in x 11.5 in
Series: de hylémorphisme
Untitiled, 2017
Acrylic on Metal
5.00 in x 8.00 in
Series:  Aàdesokan - Flowers for the Soul

War Child, 2017
Mixed Media
22 in x 30 in
Series:  Aàdesokan - Almost Delirium

Untitled, 2017
Watercolor on Paper
14 in x  8 in
Untitled, 2017
Ink on Paper
9 in x 12 in
Untitled, 2015
Mixed Media
Series: Anaglyphs
Numb Tantrums

Numb Tantrums is an experimental poetry chapbook by Yakeeb, illustrated by Aàdesokan.  The  bulk of illustrations were done in Abeokuta on a trip for the Ake Festival and completed in Lagos. Numb Tantrums is self published, in partnership with the literary e-journal , Arts And Africa.

Preview | Interview
Before I Die Wall Lagos

Before I Die Mural, 2017
Mixed Media

Brought to lagos by Dara Olayebi , this is the first “before i die” wall in Nigeria and West Africa.  Before I Die is a global art project that invites people to reflect on their lives, dreams and aspirations, there are over 2000 walls in more than 70 countries around the world.

Dara Olayebi launched the “Before I die” wall, a creative way to encourage Nigerians to dream big and push forward with their ambitions. The Mural was created by Aàdesokan  alongside visual artist  Shomala. The wall is a permanent installation  at Freedom park, Lagos 

The 7th Lights  Camera Africa Film Festival

RESET, 2017
Acrylic, Charcoal, Scrap Metal & Petroleum Jelly on Canvas, 22 in x 24in | Brochure

Created in 2011 to stimulate discourse on issues and experiences that are rooted in the African experiece., Lights, Camera, AFRICA!!! through an annual festival held in Lagos, Nigeria, shares a diverse range of African and independent cinema including documentary, feature and animation, supporting the work of emerging African film makers.
The 7th edition was a fusion and cross pollination of the multi-arts.  Responding passionately to the RESET theme, visual artist Aàdesokan, art advocate Aduke Gomez  and  poet/musician Age Beeka created three unique, inciteful and enjoyable works of art expressed in poetry and painting,
F R U C H É   x   Aàdesokan

F R U C H É   x  Aàdesokan was inspired by the desire to capture the Fruché Attitude that emanates from  wearing Fruché. The final images were shot with  select  pieces from  the VENUSIANS  collection. 

Fruché is an emerging Nigerian brand debuted at Lagos Fashion and Design Week (2016)  by Creative Director, Frank Aghuno, with the aim to empower women through fashion and focusing on a new generation of strong, powerful African women.
1 1 8 1   x  Aàdesokan

1 1 8 1   x  Aàdesokan  is an ongoing collaboration with emerging designer Barakat Alabi of  1181. The first glimpse of this  collaboration was seen at the 2018 Lagos  Leather Fair where the  Leather Gamma Taselled Cane Chair was debuted .

The Lagos Leather Fair is a private initiative designed to bring together the major players along the leather value chain to offer innovative solutions and change the narrative. 1 1 8 1 is an emerging lifstyle and functionality brand currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

ARTS AND AFRICA   x   Aàdesokan

ARTS AND AFRICA   x  Aàdesokan was a collaboration  with the arts and literature e-journal  which resulted in seldom acts - a book review and live art at their most recent event Ajinde: Resurrection.

Arts and Africa is an e-journal that reports on culture, literature and all forms of artistic expressions currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.
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The Guardian Nigeria,“Aàdesokan in Almost Delirium Outburst of Dialogue with the Self”, by Enam Obiosio (2017)

16/16,  “Aàdesokan: Almost Delirium” by  Tushar Hathiramani (2017)

16/16,  Art as Therapy,  Panel Discussion with Aàdesokan, Oyinda Fakeye, Stacey Okparavero,  Dr Ulrike Schmueser and Moderator Gina Amama,  2017
Represented by 16/16, Lagos
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