masculine fecundity  
Lagos (NG), 2017-2018

Masculine Fecundity is an inquiry about the idea of masculinity and how it develops in young boys. Fecundity is used as a measure of the space of fertility that is often neglected wherein a young boy begins to birth a man to embody. On becoming the man you decide to be, one must resolve the interdependence of the character and figure of masculinity in an endeavor to will forth a man to embody. Perhaps, it will take a persistent maneuvering through predisposed expectations and societal indoctrination of gender roles towards an almost individualistic actuality (the man that is unique to you/that belongs to you). There will always be a need to deter masculinity away from traditionally being just physicality and emotional intolerance

What is needed to birth a man? Masculine Fecundity? 

masculine fecundity - union of opposites, 2018

masculine fecundity - who are you, 2018

masculine fecundity - contemplating self, 2018

masculine fecundity - obscure revelation, 2018