numb tantrums
illustration of anthology of poems by Yakeeb
Lagos & Abeokuta (NG), 2016-2017

“No matter how much humanity evolves, love is sure to be what it is; the assurance that it is forever uncertain. Being mysterious is the essence of being alive in love, not knowing and owning every choice as statements. Tantrums without the power of sensation and the motion of feeling is nuclear and can be anything it is chosen to be, for me, it is raw sporadically emotive expressions plunging into the abyss of love, lust, being lost, depression, worry, acceptance/compromise and determination knowing that it is a time piece to find thy will to survive, live and thrive after loving with all your best, with your soul at risk of obliteration, you do for love, sifting between the mundane and spiritual and it is then you finally learn to throw numb tantrums....” 

Numb Tantrums is an experimental poetry chapbook by Yakeeb, illustrated by Aàdesokan  and self published, in partnership with the literary e-journal , Arts And Africa.

illustration 4

illustration 18