pvc meatway  
fashion-photo documentary
Lagos (NG), 2018

“In Lagos, there is a bloody meat highway. On this highway, the motto is “Sell by all means”. Butchers from various market stalls and street corners have only one priority, sell the meat! Hygiene and presentation are always an afterthought and the level of compliance to health standards is very poor. People carry the meat on their heads, shoulders, in unwholesome sacks and dirty carts largely exposed to flies and similar elements for transportation thereby increasing the risk of contamination. There is a unique way butchers can interact with all the bloody chaos of this highway, the PVC MEATWAY. It is by infusion of functionality and fashion to stand out from the chaos and maintain a decent level of health standard.   Here we have Lagos butchers in PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) made outfits - aprons, belt bags, bucket hats using PVC table covers for the meat on display.”